When today's average minivan can outperform a muscle car from the 1950's, it's no surprise that even every-day family cars can deliver very high levels of handling. A modern high-performance car with minor modifications can reach levels of performance that most drivers will never take advantage of.

Unfortunately in America we are largely denied the ability to use the performance of these vehicles. Due to the litigious nature of our society, we are unable to easily and conveniently take our cars to the track like they do in European countries. Likewise, our nation's traffic speed laws are completely arbitrary. After all countries like France and Italy have had 80+ mph speed limits for years, and of course we can't forget Germany's autobahns.

Lateral G is our attempt to help enthusiast drivers find places where they can take advantage of their cars with reasonable safety. We are not about street racing, exhibitions of speed, showing off, and other types of dangerous activity. We have always carefully planned our driving routes, and while we can't claim to have never been noticed by the law, we have never had even so much as a close call with another motorist.

The roads are there for everyone, and with proper care we can enjoy them at high speeds without imposing a risk on anyone else. This primary purpose of this site is to provide the enthusiast driver with a database of roads in California that are ideally suited for our type of driving, but we will be adding more information all the time.