Apart from tax evasion, there should logically be one and only one motoring offense: dangerous driving If what one does (even if one does 150mph) is not actually dangerous, then it does not matter what it is, nor what other people think. It is then no business of other people - not if this is, as we used to think, a free country. - LJK Setright

This is where I get to rant and rave about the state of sports cars, the ability of other drivers, congestion, vehicular law enforcement, and whatever else I feel like. And since there are people out there who are paid to do this kind of thing, and do it much better than myself, I've included a few examples I felt were worthy of greater review.


Smiles Per Hour Gavin Green, CAR Magazine - * NEW *
- Make cars slower - then they'll be more fun, too.

The Pace Nick Ienatsch, Sport Rider Magazine
- Riding motorcycles quickly on public roads can be fun but dangerous as well; knowing how to keep within your limits when group riding is a key skill to develop.

The Quickening Tim Dickson, Two Magazine
- Tools for motorcycle riders to safely ride quickly on the open road.

Dreary Driving Douglas Rushkoff, Discover Magazine
- Not so long ago it took actual skill to drive a vehicle, today cars practically drive themselves. That loss of "occasion" when driving has turned motorists into passengers and has made our roadways a more dangerous place.

The Paranoid Motorcyclist Fred Rau, Motorcycle.com
- The "facts" tell us that motorcyclists are dangerous and law-breaking malcontents; but then who decides what the facts are?

Little Black Boxes Fred Rau, Motorcycle.com
- Some day cars will drive themselves (what this means for motorcycles I have no idea), but until that day the auto manufactures and the government will have to be content with simply recording your every action when behind the wheel.

How the S.U.V. Ran Over Automotive Safety Malcom Gladwell, New Yorker
- Most sports car and motorcycle enthusiasts don't particularly care for SUV's (unless using one to tow your toy to the track, of course), but how the US automakers have been able to skirt safety laws with these behemoths is pathetic.

Who Decides What Speeding Is? Michael Stahl, CAR Magazine
- Different countries have different ideas about what the speed "limit" is, we simply happen to live in one with very outdated legislation.

The Absurdity of Speed Laws Gavin Green, CAR Magazine
- In todays world, when even passenger cars are very safe and quite fast, speeding is a political and not a safety issue.

My New Affair Lateral G
- I never stopped loving the sensation of my hands on the wheel and 4-wheels on the ground, it simply became too impractical to drive my favorite roads without a motorcycle's ability to get around slower traffic. Law enforcement's more relaxed attitude towards 2-wheeled speed limits doesn't hurt, either.


So you're stuck at home and you've already spent some time in your LateralG arcade cabinet and looking for something else to do? I've compiled a list of movies that appeal, in one way or another, to sports car and motorcycle enthusiasts.

Lateral G's best car movies.

Lateral G's best motorcycle movies.


This isn't a political website and I don't want to start an online war, but I felt these issues were near and dear to the hearts of the type of person who would find this site interesting. Issues are rarely as black & white as they may appear from the outside, and the articles below contain some interesting information not widely known.

The Truth About Oil William Sargant, The Truth About Cars
- We aren't even close to running out of oil - at least according to this article. While I think it is safe to say nobody knows exactly how much longer we have, this article presents some compelling arguments to counter the sky is falling attitude heard from many soapboxes these days.

The Truth About Gas William Sargant, The Truth About Cars
- No, gas prices aren't rising because we are running out of oil, we are simply running out of common sense in Washington. I had no idea how complicated the process of refining oil into gasoline has become due to rules and regulations.

Anything Into Oil Brad Lemley, Discover Magazine
- He isn't kidding, they can turn practically anything into oil now - and at competative prices. Why this isn't on the front page of every magazine and the lead news story I don't know, but it sure is good for those of us who like to turn gasoline into burnt rubber.

Cows vs. Cars, United Nations
- While politicians love to bash the automobile for its destruction of the planet, some of our 4-legged companions are actually causing more damage. If you try to take your pet cow in to London will you be hit with congestion charging?

Growing Meat, BBC NEWS
- What does this have to do with Lateral G? Well, cows and livestock produce more greenhouse emissions than cars (see Cows vs. Cars above), so if we can grow our hamburgers in a lab instead of in a field then we have eliminated a major source of CO2, methane, and animal rights activists' concerns.