We were out on a full day drive through the desert, starting at Palms to Pines and winding back through Baker. We passed 2 cops the whole day, one gave me a nice ticket and the other (a park ranger) flashed his lights at us.

As we pull in to Baker we happen to run into a group of people heading out from LA to Vegas on the first day of the Player's Run. Luckily we had a camcorder with us because we were testing out our new camera mount, so we were able to get some descent footage of the cars before they got too dirty from the road.

I know the image quality isn't that great, but unfortunately we only had a video camera and not a regular digital. You can see the camera on the front of the Teckademics car they used to film their video for this year's run.

This is what happens when the road ends. We were driving by Soda Lake, a dry lake-bed, on our way south back to LA. The map showed a nice solid line all the way down, unfortunately it was lying. Passing a sign that says "Pavement Ends 500 Feet" at 120mph isn't the best way to pass the time, but we managed ok. Since the road was so smooth we just decided to keep going, and even passed a crotch rocket and a pizza delivery guy on their way out.