This road database is the heart of this site. Once you've got the car and the driving skills, it's time to go have fun. Here is where you can find directions, reviews, and descriptions of the roads we have found to be worth our time and effort. Next time you plan to head out for an afternoon or day of fun and want to try something different, you can start your planning here.

Not every road we drive ends up here. Most state highways in Southern California (the orange roads on your Thomas Guide) are too crowded to even bother with. For example, many people ask why we don't have Ortega Hwy. (74) listed. While the road itself may be a great section of blacktop, there is far too much traffic to make it any fun. While we are willing to try just about any road once, if it has too much traffic, driveways, bad surfacing, whatever, we don't list it here.

Below is a map of the state, just click on the section you want to check out. Some of the Central and Northern sections have not yet been done, we are after all based in Southern California. If you know of any good roads in these areas, let us know.

Maps are from Thomas Bros.