Central East

Date reviewed - 8/05
Fun . . . . . . . . 5
Difficulty . . . . .Medium
Traffic . . . . . . Light to None
Driveways . . . .None
Condition . . . . Fair
Length . . . . . .8 miles

This is a short, 8-mile, alternative to the eastern leg of Randsburg Rd. (red on map). While Randsburg is pretty much a straight-shot high speed run, Garlock is a collection of straights and high-speed sweepers. While you won't necessarily be testing top speed, this is a very fun road for some high-speed motoring with a great combination of straights and corners.

While the pavement on this road isn't in great shape, it is acceptable if some caution is taken. The more important consideration is any sand or small rocks that may have been washed onto the roadway by any recent rains. Hitting a patch of sand on a fast corner is something to be avoided.

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It doesn't look like much on a map, but it can be a lot of fun if the roadway is clear.