Central East

Date reviewed - 3/04
Fun . . . . . . . . 4
Difficulty . . . . .Low
Traffic . . . . . . Varies
Driveways . . . .None
Condition . . . . Fair to Good
Length . . . . . .41 miles (from Stateline)

This was another surprise find, I wasn't traveling on this road because I thought it would be noteworthy but simply because I was headed north out of Furnace Creek on my way to Highway 95 in Nevada. Scotty's Castle is located just off this road near the CA/NV border, so during tourist season I imagine there would be quite a few RV's and minivans along this path but the morning I was there I had it to myself.

Given that it is a National Park road, the posted speed limit is only 35mph but the road runs up a wide, flat desert valley and sight lines are very long. With no cross streets or driveways of any kind the only concern is any oncoming traffic, which can be seen long before they get close.

Once reaching Scotty's Castle the road turns east and climbs out of Death Valley into Nevada. This section of the road has some very tight corners and switchbacks as you rapidly gain altitude. Any traffic will probably hold you up, as there are very few places to pass.

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