Palo Alto

Date reviewed - 8/05
Fun . . . . . . . . 3
Difficulty . . . . .Medium
Traffic . . . . . . Medium
Driveways . . . .Varies
Condition . . . . Fair
Length . . . . . .9 miles

Page Mill Rd. picks up where Alpine Rd. meets Highway 35 making it a nice route to get from the coast to I-280 headed to San Francisco (or from if you are headed south). The first mile headed east from Hwy. 35 is pretty narrow and curvy with bad pavement (as with Pescadero Cr. & Alpine there were signs of imminent construction) but it quickly improves. Unlike Alpine this is an actual road with proper lane widths and even the occasional warning sign on the corners and a double yellow line the entire length.

At the western end the road runs along the top of a ridge, eventually dropping down into Palo Alto and Santa Clara County. There are some pretty good switchbacks on the hill climb section, but the farther east you get the more houses and driveways you will encounter. This area looks to have some serious money invested in it's real estate so some of the houses are pretty impressive but by the time you reach the 280 you will probably have been stuck behind some cars for a while.

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Some houses in the area, but still a pretty good road. Alpine Rd. to the south (blue).
Running along the ridge.
Aerial view of above.