HWY 16

Yolo County

Date reviewed - 8/05
Fun . . . . . . . . 2-3
Difficulty . . . . .Medium
Traffic . . . . . . Medium
Driveways . . . .None
Condition . . . . Fair to Good
Length . . . . . .34 miles

As you get farther into the Sacramento Valley it becomes harder to find good roads. They are either straight and boring, packed with cars, or both. Highway 20 (blue on the maps) is the easiest way to Highway 16 on the north end but it is a pretty heavily traveled route for tourists heading to and from Clear Lake. Also, the locals atmosphere reminded me of the Ozarks for some reason. Needless to say I was happy to get out of there.

The first 12 miles of this road (see lower map) is considerably more fun than the next 26, although with longer straights the southern section can be pretty fun if you are willing to run the risk of a speeding ticket. The northern section is pretty curvy and has enough elevation changes to keep things interesting. There are several small towns as you get further south and eventually you will pass the big new casino, at night you really can't miss it glowing off in the distance.

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Highway 20 (blue) along the top of the map. It looks good on paper but there is far too much traffic to be enjoyable.
This section is much more fun than the southern one.