San Luis Obispo County

Date reviewed - 2/06
Fun . . . . . . . . 5
Difficulty . . . . .High
Traffic . . . . . . Light
Driveways . . . .Light
Condition . . . . Fair to Good
Length . . . . . .9 miles

Webster Rd. is a fun little diversion I was recently shown by someone quite familiar with the area. I had seen it on the map and noticed it when I passed by on Hwy. 58, but while it is a state highway it is not 2 full lanes wide. The pavement is in good shape and the white edge-lines are clearly marked, but there is no double-yellow line or pavement markings to separate northbound and southbound traffic.

The good news is that, even on a Sunday afternoon, there was very little traffic on this 5-mile stretch of curves. Headed north we only encountered 1 vehicle headed the other direction. However when we turned around and re-traced our tracks back south we were behind a row or almost 20 Mini Coopers and passed several motorcycle groups headed north; it seems this road is a well known "secret".

There are many places where you have a good line of site through the trees for the next few corners, but there are also plenty of blind corners that can hide an oncoming vehicle. The pavement is in good shape, but they didn't spend a lot of money when they graded before paving. The downside of this is a very rough and uneven surface, but at the same time that gives the road a lot of character and makes it pretty fun. Just don't expect to keep up too much speed through here, as the next crest or dip could really upset your balance.

We did not take the road all the way to the northern end, where it eventually comes to a small town and the intersection of Odonovan Rd., which will take you back to Hwy. 58 but I have not tried yet. Further on you will intersect with Hwy. 41 and can take that east several feet to La Panza Rd. (also untried but will take you back to Hwy. 58).

While Webster Rd. may not be very long, and there is certainly an element of danger with the lack of a dividing line (a friend of my riding partner was hit on this road, luckily he came through it relatively unhurt), this is a great little stretch of pavement. With the lack of centerline, white lines to either side, and the pavement sometimes narrowing and sometimes widening, it almost feels like a racetrack. Just don't forget that there may be "lap traffic" headed the other direction.

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Purple: Hwy. 229 - Webster Rd.
Red: Hwy. 58 - Carissa Hwy.
Yellow: Pozo Rd.
Orange: La Panza Rd.
Green: Hwy. 41 - Creston Eureka Rd.
Cyan: Odonovan Rd.

Heading north away from Hwy. 58 (red).
Very fun, but watch out for oncoming traffic.