SLO / Monterey Counties

Date reviewed - 8/05
Fun . . . . . . . . 2
Difficulty . . . . .Low
Traffic . . . . . . Medium
Driveways . . . .Light
Condition . . . . Fair to Good
Length . . . . . .60 miles

I found this road through Pashnit.com, and while it might be quite fun on two wheels, or even early Sunday morning, I was attempting to have some fun during the weekend on a 3,000 mile round trip up the coast. On the map it looks like this would be a lightly traveled alternative to the 101, but with Lake Nacimiento and San Antonio Reservoir out here the weekend warriors were out in force.

While I do remember some sections of road that looked like they could be quite fun, they weren't quite as enjoyable staring at the back of an RV moving at the breathtaking speed of 30mph. And with very few straights out here passing is a risky proposition. My friend's RS6 might dispatch slower vehicles easier than my ride, but his car isn't so fond of the twisties.

Heading north on Hwy. 101 exit Hwy. 46 in Paso Robles and head west on 24th St. This first section heading out of town is especially crowded with RV's and trucks towing boats, and the speed limit is only 45mph. When you come to a fork with Chimney Rock Rd. turn right (there are signs indicating the proper way to go).

When you reach the intersection of Interlake Rd. turn left and continue north. There is still quite a bit of traffic until you reach South Shore Campground road at San Antonio Reservoir where the last of the boats should pull off. Of course, now you will have to contend with the same type of vehicles headed south and hindering passing.

Most of Interlake is pretty fun and stays nice and curvy most of the way to Jolon Rd., but the last section passes through the Hunter Liggett Military Reserve. They don't have jurisdiction on the road itself but still wouldn't be a good idea to pass through here too quickly. When you reach Jolon Rd. turn left to continue heading north, or you can turn southeast to head to the 101.

Jolon Rd. also had a fair amount of traffic and the southern half continues to run through the Military Reserve. You can actually take Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. through the Reserve and it will eventually drop you down to PCH at the coast, but this road is not exactly maintained very often. Continuing north is a nice and picturesque drive, but not something to get too excited about at the speeds necessitated by traffic and nearby Military Police patrols.

Once past San Lucas / Oasis Rd., which heads east to the 101, you will drop down into King City and the 101 Fwy. There are plenty of places in King City to gas up and grab a bite, and you can continue north on the 101 to Carmel Valley Rd. or head east on either Bitterwater Rd. or Lonoak Rd. to Hwy. 25.

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Purple: Nacimiento / Interlake / Jolon
Grey: Adelaida Rd. / Vineyard Dr.
Green: Nacimiento Lake Dr.
Orange: Jolon Rd.
Yellow: Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. (this runs through a military base and drops down to PCH, not for the faint at heart!)
Cyan: San Lucas / Oasis Rd.
Red: Indian Valley Rd.
Blue: Highway 25

Those lakes are the problem, or more specifically the RV's towing boats to them.
Heading north towards Nacimiento Lake and San Antonio Reservoir.