San Louis Obispo County

Date reviewed - 6/04
Fun . . . . . . . . 4
Difficulty . . . . .Medium
Traffic . . . . . . Light to None
Driveways . . . .Light
Condition . . . . Poor to Fair
Length . . . . . .31 miles

This is basically a farming access road so watch out for cows. I'm not kidding, they don't fence off the fields and the animals are free to wander accross the road if they want. You will also encounter several cattle crossing grates in the road, but a few of them are simply painted. While overall this road is pretty rural you will encounter several farms and houses along the way, especially near the northern end.

This road is not a state highway and so is not patrolled by CHP, but even though I have never seen a cop out here I am assuming someone patrols it.

There are places on this road where the pavement is fairly new and in good condition, but for the most part the road is deteriorating and there is loose gravel in many places. There are plenty of curves but more than enough places to safely pass if you should come up behind another vehicle.

Note the caution point shown on the map. This is actually an intersection with Annette Rd. If you are headed north you will have to stop and turn left. If you are headed south it will look like the road continues on to the east. I have taken this road, and while on the map it supposedly has several outlets the time I was there it did not seem like a road worth listing.


To get from Bitterwatter Rd. to Indian Valley Rd. (next leg of south to north trip):
- Take Hwy. 46 east for approx. 13 miles
- Take Estrella Rd. northwest
- When Estrella ends take River Rd. north
- Before bridge turn right on Indian Valley
- Right at Vinyard Cyn.
- Right at N. River Rd to stay on Indian


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Green: Bitterwatter Rd.
Cyan: Hwy 46
Blue: Estrella Rd
Yellow: N. River Rd
Red: Indian Valley