San Loius Obispo County

Date reviewed - 9/03
Fun . . . . . . . . 4
Difficulty . . . . .High
Traffic . . . . . . None
Driveways . . . .Light
Condition . . . . Very Poor
Length . . . . . .26 miles

If you are heading along the coast on PCH you can take both sections of this road. If you area headed to or from the coast on Hwy. 46 then you can use this road as a cut-off to PCH. To the north of Hwy. 46 is Santa Rosa Cr. Rd. (red) and to the south is Old Creek Rd. (blue).

Old Creek Rd. is about 5 miles long and can be quite fun. There are actually a few cars out here and they aren't moving very fast, so if they don't pull over you will have to force your way around. At the southern end there is a yellow stripe down the middle marking two lanes, but for most of the distance it is just an unmarked strip of narrow pavement so be careful around those blind corners.

Once north of Hwy. 46 things get really interesting. At about 14 miles long his road is unbelievable, with many curves and hairpins and a lot of changes in elevation. I must say that this road has the worst pavement condition I have ever seen, with all kinds of potholes and ripples at just the wrong spots in the corner. While there is practically no traffic out here, there are some farms and vineyards. And if you happen upon another car at a blind corner at high speeds things could get messy.

At the northern end is the town of Cambria, a quaint little tourist town just off PCH. Watch out for the school zone as Santa Rosa runs into town.

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Highway 1 is faster, but in this section not as much fun.
It's pretty lonely out here, but then that's most of the appeal.