Monterey County

Date reviewed - 6/04
Fun . . . . . . . . 3
Difficulty . . . . .High
Traffic . . . . . . None
Driveways . . . .Light
Condition . . . . Poor
Length . . . . . .35 miles

I believe this is what some people call a "goat trail"; this is a term that can be used with endearment or contempt, depending on your point of view. To call Indian Valley a real road is being generous, but it is passable by car and you don't even need 4x4!

The good news is that it is paved, and while some of that pavement has seen better days it keeps most motorists confined to the 101 farther west. Plus, there are very few houses out here, just the occasional ranch and their supporting buildings. The biggest drawback to this road, at least for cars, is that for much of the distance it is not much wider than one lane wide. And while there are only a few places that sight distances are really impaired, if you happen to find yourself behind a slower moving vehicle (and vehicles out here are almost certainly going to be moving slower than you want to), the only way to pass is by their generosity. Getting stuck behind a pickup going 35mph for 20 miles can be just a bit frustrating.

The reason I even tried this road in the first place is that it ties in to the south end of Hwy. 25 and comes pretty close to connecting to Hwy. 46, which will take you east to Bitterwater Rd. In this manner you can completely avoid the 101 or the 5 from Hollister all the way to Ventura if you plan your route correctly. Of course it will take you a bit longer than the freeway, but we don't search out these roads in an effort to save time.

Both the northern and southern end are in a bit better shape, and a little wider, than the majority of the middle. You can even find a double yellow line in a few places to separate oncoming traffic. But for the most part it is a narrow, winding, deteriorating ranch service road that, if deserted, can be a lot of fun. For motorcyclists especially.

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Red: Indian Valley / Peach Tree
Blue: Highway 25
Purple: Nacimiento / Interlake / Jalon
Green: Nacimiento Lake Dr.
Orange: Jolon Rd.
Cyan: San Lucas / Oasis Rd.

Looking north at the southern end, where you can still consider this a real road.