San Benito County

Date reviewed - 6/04
Fun . . . . . . . . 4
Difficulty . . . . .Low
Traffic . . . . . . Light
Driveways . . . .Light
Condition . . . . Good
Length . . . . . .60 miles

Highway 25 is a State road, which means it is patrolled by the CHP (bad) but receives better maintenance than many of the other roads in the area (good). What makes it better than just good is the fact it is approximately 60 miles from its start at the south where it meets Hwy. 198 and the northern end (of the fun stuff at least) at Hollister, CA. While this road can be traveled at speeds slightly greater than a mile-per-minute, that's still a long stretch for one road to remain fun.

Don't think, however, that this is simply a straight shot up the middle of San Benito County. While there are plenty of places the road runs straight for long distances, as you can see from the maps there are more than enough corners to keep your tires and suspension occupied. This is a great place to get out and let your car dust off the upper reaches of the speedometer, keeping in mind that while law enforcement is sparse out here, it is not unheard of.

There really aren't any distinct sections to this road; no big elevation changes; sections that are extremely different from each other; or major differences in surface condition. The southern end is a little more straight and open, and the northern end starts to get into more hills and vegetation. Also, as you start to get closer to Hollister headed north you will find more houses and driveways. At one point you will find a small school with a posted 25 mph speed limit.

Note to southbound traffic: About 12 miles south of Route 146, Chalone Creek Rd., is a very dangerous corner (noted on map). As you wind your way downhill it looks as if the road continues in a straight line. This is actually Coalinga Rd., Hwy. 25 makes a sharp turn to the right. There are no warning signs for this curve, and at night it can be especially dangerous because you don't see the highway headed off to your right.

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Blue: Highway 25
Red: Indian Valley / Peach Tree
Purple: Carmel Valley Rd. - G16
Grey: Lonoak Rd.
Cyan: Bitterwater Rd. - G13
Orange: Panoche Rd.
Yellow: New Idria Rd.
Green: Little Panoche Rd. - J1

Watch out for the dead man's corner if you are headed southbound.
At the northern end:
To/from the 101 - follow the signs for Hwy 25. (blue)through Hollister
To/from the 5 - Fairview Rd. (yellow) and Hwy. 152 / 156 (green) can take you around the town