Date reviewed - 5/07
Fun . . . . . . . . 3
Difficulty . . . . .Low
Traffic . . . . . . Medium
Driveways . . . .None
Condition . . . . Fair
Length . . . . . .49 miles

Amboy Rd. is the first fun section of the Los Angeles - Vegas Run. After spending a fair amount of time on the 10 Fwy and then climbing up into Twentynine Palms on the 62 you are probably ready to get a move on. Upon reaching 29-Palms (headed East), turn left on Adobe Rd (if you are on a Motorcycle or are low on gas now would be a very good time to fill up! It is approximately 140 miles from 29-Palms to Stateline). Two miles up Adobe Rd. turn right on Amboy Rd. (signalized intersection) and you are on your way. Amboy Rd. runs perfectly straight for 18 miles (blue on the map) so you can get some speed if you want but this section is "residential", at least by desert standards

Once the road turns north and heads over a slight ridge things get more interesting. While nothing like a mountain road there are a few miles of mild corners and elevation changes before dropping down to the valley below. This section is pretty much straight with the occasional corner. You will tend to find some traffic out in this section, quite a few people know about this route to and from Vegas. However, in an kind of performance vehicle passing shouldn't be a problem unless you run up behind a military convoy (I've seen them out there).

When you cross the train tracks and reach the "T" intersection (heading north-east, cyan on the map), turn right on National Trails Hwy. (Rte 66). According to a tip from a local rider, the gas station is now open for business, but I am not sure about hours or any other services besides the Post Office on the other side of the street.

Note: This road has washed out in the past due to flash floods and the detour was VERY long and takes you out through Needles - not fun. Check the Road Conditions section on the links page to make sure you can get through.

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  Blue: Amboy Rd. - straight & boring.
Red: Amboy Rd. - things start to get interesting.
Cyan (south): Hwy 62 & Adobe Rd.
Cyan (north): To Kellbaker Rd. via National Trails Hwy.

  That's all there is to the town of Amboy.