Date reviewed - N/A
Fun . . . . . . . . ?
Difficulty . . . . .?
Traffic . . . . . . ?
Driveways . . . .?
Condition . . . . ?
Length . . . . . .27 ? miles

I have not driven this road yet so I do not know what condition it is in. Judging from maps and aerial photographs the northern section is paved but turns to dirt at some point. The next time I head to Vegas I will have to check it out.

What looks interesting is that the northern 7 miles is perfectly straight, and given that the road doesn't seem to go anywhere I can't imagine there would be much traffic. Assuming there aren't any CHP planes in the area you could probably find out your vehicle's top speed; but again I haven't checked the road out so use caution.

The southern end is also straight, but I am not sure if this area is paved. The middle section looks like it has quite a few corners; this section of the road crosses over another "summit". If the pavement holds out it could be quite a run.

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