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In an attempt to better explain what the road is like, I have also developed a rating system for the roads I drive. These reviews are based on personal preference and perspective, but hopefully they will help you decide which route(s) to take on your next drive.

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Difficulty . . . . .(Low, Medium, High)
Traffic . . . . . . (None, Light, Medium, High)
Driveways . . . .(Amount of driveways & cross traffic; None, Light, Medium, High)
Condition . . . . (Road & surface condition; Poor, Fair, Good)

Okay, so your arms are tired from the workout you've been giving them in the canyons. It's time to head out into the desert and get your car up to its top speed. The desert area is huge and there are pleny of roads, but most of them are dirt or go nowhere, literally.

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If you've been to Vegas than you've been on the 15. If you've been on the 15 then you've probably been stuck in an hours-long traffic jam because somebody decided to park their SUV upside down in one of the lanes normally reserved for driving in. Well not only does it not require sitting in traffic for 8-hours or more, the drive to and from Vegas can actually be fun.

The roads shown on the map above are the "back-route" through the desert to Stateline. While this route doesn't completely avoid the freeway, it bypasses as much as possible and gets you where you want to go via some nice, fairly deserted, back desert highways.

These roads are not completely empty of other traffic, the Vegas locals know about this route and use it when the 15 is likely to be crowded. And while it will take a few hours longer to use this route when the freeway is clear, on a Sunday afternoon headed back to LA this passage may actually be (much) faster than sitting in a line of cars in Barstow.

NOTE FOR MOTORCYCLISTS: It is 140 miles from 29-Palms to Stateline if you stay on the back roads the whole way. The gas-station at Amboy has been "re-opened", but I am not sure what hours of operation they maintain and they are not yet serving food and the pumps don't work. Any gas received will be from a 50-gallon drum. Make sure you have enough gas to make it all the way across if Amboy happens to be closed.

Worst case scenario, if the Amboy station is closed and your bike won't make it much farther on one tank, there is a gas station about 30 miles west of Amboy where National Trails Hwy. intersects the I-40. Otherwise it is 75 miles from Amboy to Baker, which really isn't the most direct route to Vegas, and 90 miles from Amboy to Stateline staying on the back roads.

- From Los Angeles, take the 10 West
- When you come to Palm Springs take the 62 North / East
- In Twenty-Nine Palms take Adobe Rd. or Utah Trail North
- Turn right on Amboy Rd. (# 2)
- Turn right on National Trails Hwy (just past the railroad tracks) into Amboy.
Here you have several options:
- Turn left on Kellbaker Rd. (# 3) and go north past the 40 to Kelso where the road splits (at the railroad tracks and station)
- At Kelso turn left to take Kellbaker Rd. (# 4) to Baker at the 15
- At Kelso turn right to take Kelso Cima Rd. (# 5) past Cima (basically just 1 small shack at another railroad crossing) to the stop sign at Ivanpah Rd. Turn left on Ivanpah to the stopsign at Nipton Rd. Turn left on Nipton to the 15 North into Stateline
- Or from Amboy you can stay on National Trails Hwy. (Rte 66) to the 95 North to Vegas

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