Al Ain, UAE


If you thought getting to Hawaii was difficult, how about the United Arab Emirates. Political instability aside, we aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto. Not to mention that the vast majority of this area is nothing but arid, flat, desert. On the plus side, the UAE is possibly the wealthiest country in the area and they seem determined to look beyond the current oil based economy to one of the future.

Jebel Hafeet road itself winds its way up the side of a rock that sticks up out of the desert "like a beached whale". It isn't very long and doesn't go anywhere, once at the top you must turn around and head back down, but the views are supposed to be incredible and considering the dearth of good roads in the area you take what you can get.

A well written description by Tom Vater at his site; and information about the country itself at

How to find:
Just south of the town of Al-Ayn at the western edge of the UAE, on the border with Oman.

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A 4x4 would probably make more sense out here.
The only real elevation change for a large area.
Plenty of curves.
Looks a little crowded.