Deals Gap, Tennessee


The Dragon, as it is commonly known, is well known amongst motorcycle riders as well as sports car enthusiasts. Congestion and speed limit problems aside, definitely something to check out whenever you are in the area.

Deal's Gap claims 318 corners in 11 miles, but I counted on a map and only came up with 172 - and I was being generous in what I considered a corner. Plus when you factor in the risk of all those semi-tractors, and a speed limit of only 30mph, I don't see how this compares to roads like Angeles Crest, Hwy. 33, and Hwy 58 here in SoCal. But then I haven't ridden it so I can't be that objective.

More information at TailoftheDragon.com;
with pictures and constant updates at Killboy.com

How to find:
From Knoxville, take Interstate 40/75 south east to Interstate 140 / US 162 south to US 129 south to Deals Gap.

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Quite close to civilization.
Lots of curves, but lots of traffic too.
Low-res picture but you can still get a pretty good idea of what you are in for.