Maui, Hawaii


I don't know much about this road, other than I can't imagine how difficult it would be to get your car here. While Maui isn't the most desolate of the Hawaiian islands, it's not exactly an afternoon drive to get there. I discovered this particular road from a press introduction, so if a multi-national corporation figures this is a good road to introduce their car on, who am I to argue? If nothing else, the views during the drive and the R&R on the beach at the end should be worth the price of admission.

Some info here at HawaiiHighways.com;
and some nice 360 degree shots at Destination360.com

How to find:
Step 1: Find Hawaii, then Kauai. Step 2: Head to the south side of the island.

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Obviously not the easiest place to get your car to.
It looks so tame on a map.
I imagine the views aren't half bad, either.