Siskiyou County

Date reviewed - N/A
Fun . . . . . . . . N/A
Difficulty . . . . .N/A
Traffic . . . . . . N/A
Driveways . . . .N/A
Condition . . . . N/A
Length . . . . . .40 miles

I had planned to drive this road on my southbound leg, but my map didn't have a detail of the town of Etna and I did not see where the entrance to Sawyers Bar was. After I got back to my computer the map made it look pretty easy, but in the end I'm glad I went farther south and drove Cecillville Rd.

Obviously I can't really review Sawyers Bar at this time but from what I can see on the map, as well as what it looked like when I drove through the intersection of Cecilville / Sawyers Bar / Salmon River, it is very similar to both Cecilville and Salmon River. On the map it looks like it is actually shorter in distance than Cecilville but I don't know if it has any well-maintained sections.

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Red: Sawyers Bar
Yellow: Cecilville Rd.
Cyan: Salmon River Rd.

The town of Etna at the East end (intersection with Hwy. 3).