Siskiyou County

Date reviewed - 8/05
Fun . . . . . . . . 2
Difficulty . . . . .EXTREMELY HIGH
Traffic . . . . . . None
Driveways . . . .None
Condition . . . . Very Poor
Length . . . . . .30 miles

This road looked good on the map, and I guess since I survived it I'm glad I tried it out but it was the most difficult and dangerous road I had ever driven (that lasted until later in the day when I drove Cecilville & Salmon River . From the north you can find it on Hwy. 96 about 2 miles east of Hamburg, the road isn't that hard find. On the southern end it ties in to Hwy. 3 at Fort Jones which isn't exactly a major city but it's big enough you can't miss it.

Driven from the north to the south the first 2 miles gives you the impression that this is going to be a great road, nice wide pavement with center striping. After that the road drops down to single lane width until you pass through the "town" of Scott River - after that it is barely wide enough to be called a trail. It is very desolate out here, there are 1 or two houses but that is about it. The road hugs the side of a very steep valley that drops down to a very scenic and rugged river. Unfortunately the county, or whoever decided to build this insane road, didn't spend the money to make it very safe. There are miles and miles of blind corners where the pavement is barely wide enough to support one vehicle. The only nod to safety out here is white lines and the occasional channelizer to mark where the road is even narrower due to a washout - the cliff is virtually straight down and it's a long way to the bottom. I would not recommend driving this road at night.

The road is only 30 miles from end to end but it will take you a very long time to traverse the whole thing as you really can't average any sort of speed unless you are suicidal. Eventually the road will begin to straighten out a little and you can start to breath again; it isn't two lanes but at least you have several stretches where you can see what is up ahead. Watch out for the occasional campground and car-load of vacationers, I was lucky enough to not get stuck behind anybody but I did pass a few cars headed in the other direction.

About 7 miles outside of Fort Jones is an intersection with Quartz Vally / Dangel Ln, this will take you south to the 3 but I am not sure of it's condition. To stay on Scott River headed south stay to the left, northbound stay to the right. Between this intersection and the 3, Scott River widens out to a proper country highway with center striping, descent pavement, and nice lane widths as it winds through farmland. There is at least 1 descent gas station in Fort Jones, I'm not sure what is north of Scott River on Hwy. 3 as I headed south.

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Red: Scott River Rd.
Blue: Highway 96.
Green: Dangel Lane / Quartz Valley Rd.
Cyan: McAdams Creek Rd. / Greenhorn Rd.

This looks fun, but that road is one lane wide with no guardrails or shoulder.