Siskiyou County

Date reviewed - 8/05
Fun . . . . . . . . 5
Difficulty . . . . .High
Traffic . . . . . . None to Light
Driveways . . . .Light
Condition . . . . Fair
Length . . . . . .24 miles (from stateline)

I drove this road on the southbound direction of the trip, which meant I started on Waldo Rd. on the Oregon side of the border. On Hwy. 199 Waldo Road can be found at mile marker 36; from the south Indian Creek Rd. meets Hwy. 96 at Happy Camp/Davis, look for the giant big-foot statue (I'm not joking).

Driving south from Hwy. 199 the road is fairly straight with a few corners and driveways for the first 5 miles before you come to a stop sign. Almost immediately after passing the stop sign the road begins to get very curvy as it winds its way up the side of a mountain. The roadway is quite narrow and there are very few warning signs for the corners but the pavement is in good condition and there is a double-yellow line down the middle of the road.

After the road crests the top of the mountain it runs along the top for a while before crossing into California and dropping down the other side. On the CA side the road is slightly wider and the corners aren't quite so tight so you can get up a little more speed and have some real fun. Be careful, however, of the "Rough Road" signs as they indicate large sections of pavement patchwork that can upset your suspension in a corner.

Eventually the road drops down into a valley and follows a river for a while, watch for s-curve warning signs - there are several very tight right-left-right 25 mph corners than can catch you out if you aren't careful. Eventually you will pass what appears to be a construction storage yard and the speed limit will drop to 45mph, and then again to 35mph as you drop down into Happy Camp and Highway 96.

Keep in mind that this road is almost certainly not passable in the winter months, and there are several dirt roads that branch off from the upper section of the mountain. I am assuming these are logging roads, I passed quite a few logging trucks that were headed north but I was lucky to not find any headed south. There were also a few campgrounds that could possibly have pedestrians and cross traffic.

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Red: Indian Creek Rd.
Blue: Highway 96

It's easy to see why this road is so much fun.