Mendocino County

Date reviewed - 8/05
Fun . . . . . . . . 3
Difficulty . . . . .Medium
Traffic . . . . . . Medium
Driveways . . . .Light
Condition . . . . Good
Length . . . . . .16 miles

After the conditions on Mountain View Rd., Hwy. 253 is a major improvement. This is a State maintained highway so you've got guard rails, reflectors, warning signs, etc. The drawback is that the amount of traffic on this road is also considerably higher. However, if you are lucky enough to find yourself alone on this road you can have some higher speed fun than on Mountain View.

Heading east out of Boonville the road is fairly straight with some fairly high-speed corners as it gradually climbs up to the top of the mountain. Once you reach the top you'll find some challenging s-curves before dropping down towards the 101. This eastern section has some pretty tight, 25mph hairpins so if you are headed east watch your speed on this downhill section. As you approach the 101 you will start to see some houses, driveways, and development so use caution.

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Ukiah Boonville (blue) between Hwy. 128 & the 101. Mountain View Rd. is shown to the west (red).
Connecting from Mountain View (red) to Hwy 253. (blue) via Hwy. 128. This actually is a town but I didn't find any descent gas stations here.
Looking west dropping down into Boonville.