Trinity County

Date reviewed - 8/05
Fun . . . . . . . . 3
Difficulty . . . . .High
Traffic . . . . . . None
Driveways . . . .None
Condition . . . . Poor
Length . . . . . .37 miles

After turning south on to Zenia Lake Mt. Rd. from Ruth Zenia you are in for a long run before coming to any sort of civilization, it's almost 40 miles to Hwy. 162 and the town of Covelo (not that Covelo is what I would consider civilization) and approximately half of that distance is dirt. Zenia Lake Mt. Rd. is a small, narrow, winding road with pavement that ranges from just barely descent to downright bad, when I saw the "Pavement Ends" sign I figured the road condition might actually improve.

There aren't a lot of big elevation changes until you reach dirt, for the first 20 miles or so you run along a series of ridges and through some very picturesque woodland. The road is narrow and there are plenty of blind corners so you will really have to be pushing it to maintain any sort of speed. This is all cattle country, and while I did not encounter any livestock on the road itself it is something to be aware of; that and the occasional cattle guard in the road.

There is only one intersection on this road that made me wonder which way to go; there is a small market and what looks like a non-functioning relic of a gas station. Headed south stay to the left and headed north stay to the right. Eighteen miles out of Covelo you will reach the end of the pavement. The road wasn't in too bad of shape but then it wasn't perfectly graded either. Ranches are pretty common out here; I saw plenty of driveways and mailboxes but did not pass any other vehicles.

Note the bridge I have called out on the map to the right, there is a 12% downhill grade for 2 miles on either side of that. If it was paved it would be a great drive but as it was dirt and loose gravel I had to take the switchbacks pretty slow. When you get to the bottom you will find a nice, modern bridge with good pavement. Don't let this get your hopes up though, as soon as you cross the bridge it's back to dirt and then a 12% climb up-hill. My car actually managed this pretty good but I had to crawl around the washboard surface switchbacks to keep my suspension from going too crazy.

The last few miles before Covelo and the 162 the road becomes much better graded and you will find a series of switchbacks that drop you down to pavement (at last!) and a 5-mile perfectly straight run down the 162 (see below).

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Van Duzen Rd. / Ruth Zenia Rd. is just off the top of the map.
Highway 162 at the bottom.
Red: Zenia Lake Mountain Rd.
Blue: Mina Rd. (dirt)
Yellow: Alderpoint Bluff Rd. / Zenia Bluff Rd.
Green: Bell Springs Rd.

This is all dirt, but for a WRX or an Evo this should be an awesome road.