Humboldt, Trinity, Shasta, Tehama Cty.

Date reviewed - 8/05
Fun . . . . . . . . N/A
Difficulty . . . . .N/A
Traffic . . . . . . N/A
Driveways . . . .N/A
Condition . . . . N/A
Length . . . . . .140 miles

How do you begin to describe a road that spans 40% the width of the state? That is 100 miles as the crow flies and approximately 140 miles of State maintained smooth asphalt? That has so many corners that your arms will be tired and sore before you get anywhere near the other end? How about perfect?

It's been a long time since I've driven Highway 36 from the coast all the way to Red Bluff on Interstate 5, but I still remember the experience quite vividly. It is so long and travels through so many different types of terrain and regions that it is near impossible to sum up what this road is like in a sentence. Highway 36 near the coast is very narrow and winding, slipping between large redwoods and cedars as it follows a river valley. Closer to the 5 in Tehama county you will find yourself running over and around little hills and valleys like a rally driver. And for miles and miles in between you will be wondering how much longer your brakes and tires can take this kind of abuse.

Along the way you will find Titlow Hill Rd., Highway 3, Wildwood Rd., and Platina Rd. to the north, with Alderpoint Rd., Van Duzen Rd., Lower Mad River Rd., and Wild Mad Rd. to the south. The biggest problem is deciding if you want to stay on the 36 or go play on the side roads. Just remember that in the winter months this road may have snow, and ice can linger in the shadows for many months into spring.

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One of the primary east-west highways, and one of the best roads in California.
Endless cornering enjoyment.