Below is a selection of roads for this area. I have not driven every road in the area, and not every road I drive is worthy of ending up on this list. If there are any roads that you feel should be listed and don't see below, let me know.

In an attempt to better explain what the road is like, I have also developed a rating system for the roads I drive. These reviews are based on personal preference and perspective, but hopefully they will help you decide which route(s) to take on your next drive.

Fun . . . . . . . . (1-5, 5 being best)
Difficulty . . . . .(Low, Medium, High)
Traffic . . . . . . (None, Light, Medium, High)
Driveways . . . .(Amount of driveways & cross traffic; None, Light, Medium, High)
Condition . . . . (Road & surface condition; Poor, Fair, Good)

People, traffic, smog; and more every month. That doesn't mean there aren't good drives to be found in this area. Angeles Crest Highway, Mulholland Dr., and Ortega Highway are just some of the most well known stretches of pavement in this country and they can all be found right here. The catch is finding them to yourself.

Malibu is made up almost entirely of great driving roads but the increase in population and greater law enforcement makes enjoying these roads more difficult. The foothills are still a great place to play but the weather these past few winters has made it difficult for public works agencies to keep them open. Still, for the millions of people who live in this area, there are a few great roads to be found if you only know where to look.

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