Below is a selection of roads for this area. I have not driven every road in the area, and not every road I drive is worthy of ending up on this list. If there are any roads that you feel should be listed and don't see below, let me know.

In an attempt to better explain what the road is like, I have also developed a rating system for the roads I drive. These reviews are based on personal preference and perspective, but hopefully they will help you decide which route(s) to take on your next drive.

Fun . . . . . . . . (1-5, 5 being best)
Difficulty . . . . .(Low, Medium, High)
Traffic . . . . . . (None, Light, Medium, High)
Driveways . . . .(Amount of driveways & cross traffic; None, Light, Medium, High)
Condition . . . . (Road & surface condition; Poor, Fair, Good)

Keep in mind that with all the vegetation burned away, the mountain and canyon roads will have lots of dirt, rocks, and debris following any rains this winter season.

Malibu has long been a mecca for canyon carvers, I'm not sure if there are any roads in this area that can be considered straight. Pretty much any road in the Malibu area is worth of consideration on this site, but given the amount of people who live in the area as well as the amount of cars on the road, I have chosen to limit my reviews to roads that are truly worthy of driving or have a place in the hearts of enthusiast drivers.

This area is also special for another reason; law enforcement. On Sunday mornings this place is practically crawling with cops - I've heard reports of the police actually pulling over bicyclists for speeding! How's that for draconian. Not that long ago I hit the area on a Sunday afternoon and didn't see any police myself, but be aware that losing control on a tight corner isn't the only danger here.

NOTE: According to the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority has started placing stop sign cameras in the mountains. At the time of the report there was one on Franklin off of Mulholland and one at the top of Topanga but more were planned. Watch yourself out there, big brother is coming.

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