Below is a selection of roads for this area. I have not driven every road in the area, and not every road I drive is worthy of ending up on this list. If there are any roads that you feel should be listed and don't see below, let me know.

In an attempt to better explain what the road is like, I have also developed a rating system for the roads I drive. These reviews are based on personal preference and perspective, but hopefully they will help you decide which route(s) to take on your next drive.

Fun . . . . . . . . (1-5, 5 being best)
Difficulty . . . . .(Low, Medium, High)
Traffic . . . . . . (None, Light, Medium, High)
Driveways . . . .(Amount of driveways & cross traffic; None, Light, Medium, High)
Condition . . . . (Road & surface condition; Poor, Fair, Good)

Keep in mind that with all the vegetation burned away, the mountain and canyon roads will have lots of dirt, rocks, and debris following any rains this winter season.

Orange County is pretty much one huge housing development. Many people consider OC a great place to live, but it has been criticized for it's lack of "character". Since most cities in OC are relatively new, most of the roads are very wide and have been designed for high-speed traffic volume. Due to the geographical conditions (lots of hills) in the area there are very few straight roads in the area as well. The downside is that many of the police departments in the area can be pretty strict when it comes to enforcement of traffic laws.

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