This was a ride my friend and I had originally planned for this Spring, but never really got the details worked out. When I decided I wanted to ride Route 66, I thought a warm-up ride would be a good idea and figured this would be perfect. The basic plan is to fit this in to a long weekend, figuring we can do 300 to 350 miles a day pretty easily. This doesn't give a lot of time for stops and sight-seeing, but if more time presents itself we have plenty of options along the way.

Latest News:
I played around with GoogleMaps and it looks like it will work pretty well for this site. Just finished laying out the basic daily route and schedule. The trip north along PCH is pretty much self explanitory; the trip back has several options but at this time I am trying to keep it to about 1200-1400 miles and only 4 days. Adding a 5th day would allow a trip into Yosemite and Death Valley.

Interested in joining the trip? Send me an e-mail if you want to be put on the list of possible riders.

Click on a Marker Pin or one of the colored lines for more information regarding the route and stops.