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This road database is the heart of this site. Once you've got the vehicle and the necessary skills, its time to go have some fun. This is where you can find directions, reviews, and descriptions of the roads I have found to be worth the time and effort of seeking out for repeat performances. Next time you plan to head out for an afternoon or full-day of fun and want to try something different, you can start your planning here.

Not every road I find ends up here. Many State highways in Southern California (the orange roads on your Thomas Guide) are too crowded to even bother with. While I am willing to try just about any road once, if it has too much traffic, driveways, bad surfacing, or other issues that spoil the drive, I may not list it here.

Below is a map of the state, just click on the section you want to check out. The North East and Central N. East sections are not yet online as I don't get that far north very often. Also included are a few roads from around the US and World that, while I have not driven/ridden them, have been recommended by others and so are included here.

If you know of any roads worth listing that are not yet included, let me know. Also, I am always looking for road reviews submitted by visitors for possible inclusion in the site. So if you've found something good enough to write about, send it on over.

Road Updates

Another one from LionZoo, this time a little closer to home: Cerro Noroeste.

Central N. West has three new additions thanks to LionZoo; Mines Rd., San Antonio Rd., and Mt. Hamilton Rd.

Even more Most dangerous roads added, I wouldn't advise taking these at any speed but they do make for interesting reading.

Malibu has at long last been updated with road descriptions.

Check out for a very comprehensive listing of California roads from a two-wheeled perspective.

Maps are from Thomas Bros.
Satellite photographs are from Google Earth.


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