Date reviewed - 2/06
Fun . . . . . . . . 3
Difficulty . . . . .Medium
Traffic . . . . . . Medium to High
Driveways . . . .Medium
Condition . . . . Good
Length . . . . . .18 miles

Normally a road like this wouldn't make my list. While on the map it looks like a good proposition, it is a State Highway and as such has a rather large volume of traffic and the occasional CHP patrol car that can just ruin an enthusiast's day. In addition to those problems, the eastern section (running north-south) suffered major damage in the storms of 2004/2005 and is still being repaired. There are 5 or 6 locations with temporary traffic signals controlling a single lane as the river has undermined the outside lane.

The saving grace to all this is the 1.3-mile section shown on the map that switchbacks it's way up the side of the plateau. I know that such a short section doesn't seem like much when the road is over 16-miles from end to end, but considering the 150 makes a good connector from the Thousand Oaks / Simi Valley / Moorpark area to Ojai and the 33 it is worth noting.

Use caution when passing through Ojai at the western end and Santa Paula to the east, as they can be crowded on weekends, Ojai especially with its tourist attraction. In Santa Paula South Mountain Rd. can connect you to Balcom Canyon Rd. and on to Moorpark.

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Blue: Highway 150
Red: Highway 33
Orange: South Mountain Rd.

Hairpins in purple, Hwy. 33 in red.
Curves in all the right places.
Looking south.