Date reviewed - 2/06
Fun . . . . . . . . 4
Difficulty . . . . .High
Traffic . . . . . . Light
Driveways . . . .Light
Condition . . . . Good
Length . . . . . .16 miles

When Tim from Pashnit.com (he's the creator of the site) gets jealous when you announce your next ride destination, you know you must be on to something good. In the not too distant past this road was resurfaced, and so what used to be a fun but badly paved drive is now heaven.

However, not all is perfect in the Land of Oz; the northern section (marked "caution" on the map) is only 1-lane wide and consists of end-to-end hairpin corners with zero line of sight. Whether you are in a car or on a bike, use extreme care in this section because meeting someone coming the other direction is not a desirable event. With a little discretion on the throttle this can be a very fun section, but watch out for dirt and rocks on the roadway that could ruin your day just as fast. As with most roads of this type guardrails are non-existent so you only have your sticky tires to rely on.

Once past Hairpin City the road follows a narrow valley as it winds its way south. There still isn't really two lanes here, and no striping, but it does widen out a bit and there are plenty of places with good line of sight so oncoming traffic isn't such a hazard. There are occasional driveways for ranches and houses though, and be careful of wildlife. We encountered a group of deer that seemed to be playing chicken with passing vehicles, and a large group of wild turkey after that. When not dodging animals out of a Disney movie, the valley itself is a very picturesque place so be sure to devote your attention to the road at hand.

I was surprised at the amount of traffic the farther south we went; while far from congested there were a not insignificant amount of cars headed north. Perhaps more people live in this area than is immediately evident.

While only 15-miles long and a considerable distance from the "civilization" of the LA metropolitan area, this road is definitely worth checking out. Note that the very southern section is closed while the County re-builds the river crossing. In the past the road simply turned to dirt and dove down into the riverbed, when the water was flowing it was either impassable or you had to get your feet wet. It appears they are installing a proper crossing, but until then Santa Maria Mesa Rd. (yellow on map) can be used as a detour. The County did not see fit to install detour signage, but it isn't that hard to find your way around.

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Red: Tepusquet Rd.
Blue: Foxen Canyon Rd.
Orange: Palmer Rd.
Green: Cat Canyon Rd.
Yellow: Alisos Canyon Rd.

Highway 166 at the top (green), for the detour, which isn't marked with signs, use Santa Maria Mesa Rd. (yellow), Foxen Canyon (blue at left), and Long Canyon Rd. (purple).
Caution point from above, a fun section but only 1 lane wide with no line of sight.
Closure point, this used to be a dirt river crossing, now it would require a ramp to clear.
I'm sure it will be nice when they finish (photo provided by GixxerDale from Pashnit.com, luckily the detour isn't that long.