Of course the best, safest, and possibly cheapest way to speed in the U.S. is to get on a racetrack. No soccer-moms in 6000lb tanks coming the other direction or people eating breakfast, shaving, and talking on a cell phone in the lane next to you. If you spin-out, there is very little chance of serious damage to you or to your car.

Unfortunately we can't just drive up to the track entrance, insert a credit card, and take a lap like they do in Europe. However, there are several ways to get on the track in California. The SCCA and NASA are two of the biggest organizations that provide access to tracks for street drivers. NASA seems to be slightly easier and cheaper, but both groups require a helmet, and if you have a convertible you're going to need a roll bar as well.

Below is a map to tracks in California and Nevada, including road courses and karting. There are plenty of dirt and/or oval tracks out there that are not included at this time. You can check out the links page to find several companies and organizations that routinely schedule track time for a fee.

Know of a track that should be listed here but isn't? Let me know.

Click on the colored icons for the track you wish to view. Red for road courses, blue for indoor karting.