Looking for a free LateralG.org sticker?
Just email me with a color, size (6" or 12"), and address. (US mail to continental US)

Clothes are here! Everybody wears clothes, might as well be something with my logo on it. Head over to CafePress.com and pick something up; logo-shirts, hats, and stickers available now with more in the works.

And so is other stuff. Already got all the clothes you need? Pick up a bag, cup, hat, or anything else you might want.

As well as some cool new road-sign designs. Most of these signs don't really exist, but you know you wish they did.

You can't always be out in the canyons, stuck at home and can't get to your favorite road? Pick yourself up a genuine Lateral G arcade machine (or several) to pass the time. Great for parties - have the ultimate game-house in your neighborhood.

We can't be in our cars all the time - maybe you only have a few minutes or you want to do a little illegal street racing in the safety of your home, this is just the ticket for you. A full-size racing cockpit designed to work with your Play Station 2 or 3 for any game that has steering-wheel force-feedback capability, this racing cockpit is a must have for driving enthusiasts.

Any fan of racing games knows that driving with a standard controller just doesn't cut it; this cockpit completely changes the gameplay for Gran Turismo, Need For Speed, or any other auto racing game. Instead of pushing buttons, get your seat adjusted, turn up the volume, and actually drive to victory. Once you try one of these you won't ever want to play the "old fashioned" way again!

Very sturdy construction with an MDF fiberboard chassis that does not flex or twist, featuring an actual car seat with movement front-back and tilt and mounted up off the ground (unlike some other cockpits I've seen out there where you might as well be sitting on the carpet). The unit shown has a Logitech Driving Force Pro with 900 degree force-feedback rotation, gas and brake pedal, and shifting both through the stick and wheel mounted paddles. The Logitech Driving Force EX and G25 Racing Wheel are also available, and all three units have the PlayStation controls built right into the middle of the wheel.

Interested? Send me an email, I've got one in stock right now and several more in production. Can be ordered in your choice of colors with matching seat and paint-job, with pin-stripe options and custom stickers made to order. I can even build in a cupholder.